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Notices of Violation

Certain cities in the San Francisco Bay Area have local agencies charged with inspecting properties and issuing citations or notices of violations to the landlords. In San Francisco the agency is San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and in Oakland it is the City Code Enforcement. If landlords do not respond to written request for repairs the agency responsible for enforcing habitability laws can cite landlords for violations. And if landlords fail to respond to notices of violations, then they may expose themselves to further civil liability, including possible penalties.

And in San Francisco, if the cited landlord continues to fail to abate the violation(s), they will be sent to a Director’s Hearing where they would have to explain why they haven’t complied. An assessment of costs, accounting for the time the inspectors spent on getting the property owner to comply will be applied to the property.

In short, Landlords should take all Notice of Violations issued by a city agency seriously to avoid civil penalties. Meanwhile, tenants should be aware of notices of violations to understand how they can utilize them to obtain the repairs that they are entitled to under California Law.

The Notice of Violation Process

Notices of violations are only issued after an agency has inspected a tenant’s unit. As such, a tenant must contact the department responsible for the inspections. These agencies are supposed to inspect the property, notify the landlord, and then require landlords to abate the violations within a prescribed amount of time. The agencies document their inspections, which ultimately can be used as evidence in establishing the conditions of a tenant’s unit.

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