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Landlord Harassment

In the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not uncommon for landlords to harass their tenants. Sometimes landlords use harassing tactics to encourage tenants from vacating their unit or to discourage them from making maintenance requests. Regardless, California and local laws protect tenants from landlord harassment.

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Types of Harassment Evictions Claims

Landlords illegally harass tenants through various methods, including through action and inaction. The following is a list of conduct that could be considered harassing:

  • Verbal harassment
  • Insisting buyouts
  • Construction in the building or unit
  • Discrimination
  • Abusing entry by the landlord
  • Lockout by the landlord
  • Mail tampering
  • Retaliation
  • Threats
  • Utility Shutoffs
  • Refusing to accept rent payment
  • Failing to make repairs
  • Reducing services provided to a tenant.
  • Landlord creates nuisances
  • Rent increases

Tenants who suspect harassment should consider consulting Bay Area Legal Group to discuss their remedies under the law. Contact Bay Area Legal Group today to discuss possible wrongful eviction claims.

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