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Broken Bone Cases

Breaking a bone is not only a painful but can be expensive. It can involve a trip in the ambulance, consulting medical physicians, and sometimes costly medical procedures. Then, the healing process takes time and a toll on the victim. Victims who have suffered a broken bone due to someone else’s fault should be rightfully compensated.

If you broke a bone due to someone else’s negligence, then Bay Area Legal Group can help you recover any medical or economic expenses related to your claim. Trying to navigate the legal system when you are injured is cumbersome, and this nightmare scenario happens to countless in California each month. Bay Area Legal Group can provide you with the proper guidance to represent you in your broken bone injurie case. Call 415-650-1296

Types of Broken Bone Cases

Broken bones vary in degrees and locations. If you’ve experienced any of these injuries due to someone else’s fault, you can consult with Bay Area Legal Group:

  • Simple fracture: Typically a clean break
  • Impacted fracture: Broken ends of bone are jammed together
  • Displaced fracture: Multiple fractures or breaks in a single bone
  • Compound fracture: Full break and penetrates the skin
  • Closed fracture: Bone snaps, but doesn’t penetrate the skin
  • Open fracture: Bone snaps and penetrates the skin
  • Non-displaced fracture: Bone breaks but stays in alignment
  • Greenstick fracture: Bone bends under impact but doesn’t break completely
  • Linear fracture: Parallel crack through the bone
  • Oblique fracture: A break is on an angel through the bone Transverse fracture: Right angle fracture across the bone

Recoverable Damages in Broken Bone Cases

Every case is unique so the damage calculations vary. However, there are certain categories of damages allowed in a personal injury claims

concerning broken bones. These include:

  • Incurred Medical Bills
  • Costs of any future medical treatment
  • Wages lost
  • Lost capacity to earn wages in the future
  • Compensation for pain
  • Compensation for suffering or emotional distress.

Notably, victims could be entitled to additional damages, depending on the specific situations.

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